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Experienced Oatmeal Flakes Breakfast Cereals Processing Line Experienced Oatmeal Flakes Breakfast Cereals Processing Line Experienced Oatmeal Flakes Breakfast Cereals Processing Line

Experienced Oatmeal Flakes Breakfast Cereals Processing Line

Experienced Oatmeal Flakes Breakfast Cereals Processing Line Product Description Process: Cooking→Pre Drying→Flaking→Oven→Cooling→Packaging...
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Flakes processing line Description

Experienced Oatmeal Flakes Breakfast Cereals Processing Line

Product Description
Cooking→Pre Drying→Flaking→Oven→Cooling→Packaging
Cooking Machine
inactivation and sterilization; make the product ready for instant or quick cooking;
make the oats moist, soft and easy to squash. Features: fully cooking, simple operation
Hoist the product into dryer
5Meters 5Layers Gas Dryer
Five meters five layers gas circulation oven is a horizontal dryer, with natural gas heating the
air as the medium, the cross flow (air flow direction and the direction of the material were "ten"
cross shaped) drying method, Heat exchange between the material and the hot air in the dryer,
in order to go out excess moisture the product to reach the required water requirements.

Working process
1) upstream of the extruded material on the conveyor belt through the distributor evenly
2). puffed material is brought into dryer with conveying;
3). the hot air from the circulation air enters the drying section and passes through the material
on the conveyer belt to realize the hot and humid exchange between the material and the hot
4) return the dry material at the return section;
5). after five dry material discharge in the dryer outlet.

Flaking Machine
Squeeze the oatmeal with a couple of rollers.
The oatmeal is made into a sheet of specified density flakes. The principle is actually a process of starch
gelation, the digestibility of the corn starch is enhanced. In addition, the chemical structure of Size 1.5×1.4×1.7 m
Power:18 kwproteins in maize is changed during tabletting, which is beneficial to the absorption of protein by stomach. The mechanical action of a roll is a process of crushing to achieve a specified density.
High Temperature Continuous Oven
Structure: mainly by the conveyor system, gas head and control system composed of three major parts.
Features:Multi section independent temperature control, uniform temperature in the furnace. The speed regulation or the electric conveying speed, the frequency conversion speed regulation, the adjustment is free, the movement is steady, the production efficiency is high.
5Meters 5Layers Cooler
Use the net belt to deliver the product, and use the fan air from top to bottom to cool during the transmission, for easy packing
Packaging Machine

Product Feature
Adjustable speed, continuous work, Stainless steel rack, food grade PVC conveyor belt.

Technical Parameter

Machine Material Stainless Steel
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Total Installed Capacity 77kw
Workshop Space Requirement 300-600 m2
height above 3.5 meters
Workers 3-5
Total output 300-500kg/h







Flakes processing line Part Parameters

No.dDBDiametro esternodb - Cone Backface Backing Diameterda - Cone Frontface Backing Diameterr - Cup Backface To Clear Radius2
6203.FT150ZZ17 mm40 mm12 mm - - - -
PU335Z5112.188 Inch | 55.575 Millimeter3.063 Inch | 77.8 Millimeter3.5 Inch | 88.9 Millimeter - - - -
ECOP040604 - - - - - - -
H3144XX7157.9375 in - - - - - -
1975 - 1931-B0.8750 in2.3750 in - - 1.2 in1.16 in0.030 in
H239649 - H239610187.325 mm319.964 mm88.900 mm - 214.12 mm204.98 mm4.83 mm
BGFSC6004ZZ-[45-80/1] - - - - - - -
204-mff20.000 mm47.0000 mm14.00 mm - - - -
NUP2205EG1525,000 mm52,000 mm18,000 mm52,000 - - -
6904LLU20 mm37 mm9 mm1.457 Inch | 37 Millimeter - - -


Experienced Oatmeal Flakes Breakfast Cereals Processing Line Part Parameters

No.dDWeightBInventoryMinimum Buy QuantityC
5120215 mm32 mm0,046 Kg - - - 16,5 kN
NU211E55,000 mm100,000 mm - 21,000 mm - - 21,000 mm
EXT209T20COE45 mm - 2.55 kg42.8 mm - - 31.85 kN
USFC211T20CO55 mm - 3.88 kg45.3 mm - - 43.55 kN
QAAPF22A407SEM4.438 Inch | 112.725 Millimeter6.25 Inch | 158.75 Millimeter32.6884.75 Inch | 120.65 Millimeter0.0N/A -
QMTU11J055SEN2.165 Inch | 55 Millimeter - 8.172 - 0.0N/A -
UCHA 202 100.625 Inch | 15.875 Millimeter1.221 Inch | 31.013 Millimeter0.772.5 Inch | 63.5 Millimeter0.0N/A -
22228YMW33 - - 0 - 0.0N/A -
440-20024/432-20024 - - 0 - 0.0N/A -
29502-2824 - 3.2500 in0.25 lb - - - -
51320-nsk100mm170mm - 55mm - - -
K40×47×20 - - - - - - -
6920N100 mm140 mm - 20 mm - - 20 mm



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Experienced Oatmeal Flakes Breakfast Cereals Processing Line Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Corn Chips Flakes Snack Food Processing Production Line 1 Set US$1029US$7419
2019 New Big Capacity Automatic Oatmeal Flakes Processing Line 1 Set US$1320US$7819
Breakfast Extruded Cereal Flake Processing Line 1 Set US$1163US$7134
100 T / D Corn Flakes Processing Line Corn Processing Equipment 1 Set US$1186US$6792
Snack Food Oats Corn Flakes Processing Line Machine 1 Set US$1823US$5672
Automatic Extrusion Breakfast Cereal Corn Flakes Processing Line corn flakes production line 1 Set US$1219US$5665



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